Our Vision

Unlocking the secret genes of plants

BetterSeeds is led by seed industry professionals who have amassed significant practical experience in the implementation of gene editing technology.

Based in central Israel, BetterSeeds has state of the art molecular biology and tissue culture labs, together with controlled growth chambers and greenhouses, which enable it to efficiently develop and test its genetic platform.  

BetterSeeds makes use of genome editing technology (CRISPR-Cas9) in order to produce new varieties, incorporating game changing traits which are not today available across all crops (Xcrops) due to the limitations of conventional breeding. Genome editing technology make precise and rapid breeding possible by introducing specific, controlled and preselected changes in the plant genome.

BetterSeeds' use of advanced breeding technologies facilitates a higher success rate in the development of new and improved varieties within a relatively short period, thus requiring the investment of fewer resources per marketable variety.

BetterSeeds' genetic trait platform and technology generate superior agricultural output in a diversity of crops and provides them with: higher yields, better protein and metabolite content, adaptation to heat, drought and salinity (desert farming) and adjustment to mechanization of harvesting.

While BetterSeeds is developing improved varieties of major commercial crops, it is also focusing on minor crops, which have not received adequate attention from traditional breeders. Work is currently under way on vegetable crops (solanaceae and cucurbits), oil crops (sunflower and sesame), and legumes.

Management Team

Mr. Margalit is an agronomist and has a MSc in the Management of Technology from the Polytechnic Institute of NYU. Mr. Margalit has over 20 years of experience in the Israeli life science industry and was previously Business Development Manager at Syngenta Seeds and co-founder of CanBreed  

Ido Margalit
Executive Director and interim CEO

Dr. Sherman is a plant scientist with MSc and PhD degrees in Plant Science from Tel Aviv University in Israel. Dr. Sherman is an expert in molecular biology and plant physiology, and has extensive R&D and plant-breeding management experience as the Stress Project Manager at Syngenta Seeds and co-founder of CanBreed

Dr. Tal Sherman

Dr. Shira Corem completed a post doctorate at Israel’s leading plant science institute, the Volcani Institute, and specializes in the application of CRISPR gene-editing technology in plants as a senior scientist at CanBreed. Dr. Corem has a PhD in Plant Science from Tel Aviv University in Israel

Dr. Shira Corem
Head of R&D

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