Affordable CRISPR Editing Services

The deregulation of CRISPR gene editing is a game-changer for seed companies. It offers the potential for revolutionary traits like drought resistance and increased yields. But for many companies, the expertise, cost, and access to this technology remain out of reach.

Here’s the good news: At BetterSeeds, a world leader in CRISPR, we’re leveling the playing field. Our “Breeding by Editing” service empowers seed companies of all sizes with:

  • Immediate access to breakthrough traits:Integrate drought, disease, and heat resiliency directly into your seeds.
  • CRISPR capabilities without the burden:Gain access to our editing expertise and facilities, eliminating the need for in-house investment.
  • Freedom to operate:We provide legal access to CRISPR patents, so you can focus on innovation and commercialization.

All this for as low as $140,000 – a fraction of what it would cost you.

Don’t get left behind! Spots in our “Breeding by Editing” program are limited.

Here's how to get started:

  1. Have a specific trait in mind? We’re happy to discuss its integration.
  2. Reach out by email:
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